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Prarastos Ziemos

Prarastos Ziemos
The pioneer of Lithuanian post industrial and the composer of Girnų Giesmės continues his experiments with sonic impact on human mood. After recording one of the most solid ambient albums ilgesio rubikonai (rubicons of nostalgia), dedicated to the complex relation of the seeking personality and autumn, Laurynas embarked on the investigation of winter phenomenon. It resulted in the new oro!oro! album prarastos žiemos providing the audience with a translucent, modest and refined ambient masterpiece conveying very precisely the deepest aspects of winter: limitless cleanliness, transparency, serenity and the recreation of existence. prarastos žiemos album embodies the natural ending of the nature’s cycle, its esoteric aura, while the motifs of looping music generate remarkably fresh and spacious feel that mesmerises, soothes and makes one dream. The music of the album is also special in that no electronic means were used for its recording. Ambient sounds are produced by harmonica, guitar and archaic zither, which lifts the sound quality of oro!oro! into the entirely new aesthetic level.
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