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Zehn Tage (Touka)

Zehn Tage (Touka)
"Since the beginning of his venture man tried to have time under his control. He measured it with his body, according to nature, according to planets and stars and with machines. In our travel to modernity we tore the cyclic time away from nature. we chopped it in little pieces, pulled it in a straight line pointing towards infinity and in the meantime we splitted it in ever smaller measure units." After several years spent spreading all kinds of experimental electronic music on CD-R according to our own taste, we are very glad to introduce our first regular CD release. Thinking about how to approach this format, we couldn't find a way better than this great collaboration. "Zehn Tage (Touka)" is a very special work born from the great friendship of two well-known estabilshed artists who are active in the experimental scene since the late 70s/80s: Telepherique and Maurizio Bianchi. The album concept is focused on the uselessness of time calculation compared to the precision of time itself. The disc title ("Ten Days", in english) refers and is dedicated to those forgotten days of History that were arbitrariously severed off in October 1582 during the Pope Gregorius XIII's Western Calendar Reformation. "Zehn Tage (Touka)" could be described best as a good mixture of Ambient and Concrete music: as in the best Afe record's tradition, it's not afraid of breaking down those genre boundaries, sliding further into psychedelic-tinged rhytmical territories. The music was recorded and mixed during 2003 and we'd like to point out that this is the very first collaboration in Maurizio Bianchi's rather long musical career.
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