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April's Fool

April\'s Fool
ltd. to 50 copies in pro-printed triple folder cardboard minisleeve

Madame P is the latest musical incarnation of italian artist Patrizia Oliva. In the past she was a co-founder and member of the seminal all-female band Allun. She was also a member of Rosas Y Tulipanes duo along with Luca Pagani, guitarist of the alternative rock back Viclarsen. Recently she also started collaborations with Luca Sigurtà in the highly experimental project Macaya, and with Tommaso Rolando and Marco Ravera, guitarist and double bass player of the acclaimed jazz/fusion band Calomito, in the impro/jazzy combo Toba. The Afeman is one of the multiple personality of Andrea Marutti, best known as Amon, Never Known, Lips Vago and Afe label owner. His music was released in Italy and abroad by labels such as Amplexus, Drone Records, Eibon Records, Field Muzick, Taâlem, Bar La Muerte, etc. Source material for "April's Fool" was recorded direct to Mini-Disc during a long session at Lab12 on April the 1st 2005. Equipment used includes contact and regular microphones, glass, various objects, real-time effects and pedals. The original recordings were spliced up in tiny pieces and re-assembled by The Afeman at Lips Vago Digital Studio in October 2005. The noisy "Hoax #1" and "Hoax #2" were constructed juxtaposing and/or layering recordings of different types of glass filtered in a non-destructive way. "Trick Drawer" is a more abstract / experimental number built on live manipulation of various objects. The quieter "More Fool Me" features samples of Madame P's beautiful voice along with drones and ambiences sourced from the original recordings.
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