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Split: Derobe/Untitled

Split: Derobe/Untitled
An interesting concept is the shared album with Vocokesh taking one side and ST 37 taking the other. Vocokesh is a three piece band led by former F/i member Richard Franecki. This is heavily acid drenched guitar driven SpaceRock. "Forgotten Door At The End Of The Highway" features an Ash Ra Tempel-sounding exploratory guitar freakout accompanied by a tribal drum beat and acoustic guitar. "See The House" is pure power trio acid rock á la Bevis Frond. And "The 7th Crown" is an easy going, slightly metallic, psych jam.
ST 37 plays the great stuff I was introduced to at Strange Daze '98. "Poppy Fields" is full of blazing guitars and odd percussive sounds accompanied by a single repeating piano line. Well-crafted weirdness makes this my favorite on the ST 37 side. "Surfin' With The Shah" and "Nicht Jetzt" both have danceable new-wavish rhythm sections accompanied by space madness. Surfin' is the better of the two with its driving drum beat and totally orbital guitars. I really like space bands that can get my toes tappin' while still playing exciting music.
From Aural Innovations #4 (October 1998)
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