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Little Brother

Little Brother
Reposting about this old gem due to lack of time and the fact that this write-up still gets a stray comment here and there, so there's still some well-deserved interest out there for this record. The band name may be somewhat iffy, and I've been ragged on for liking 'em in the past, but I say fuck that: These guys ruled. I don't remember how, but I actually discovered Negative Male Child before a few tracks from their lone 1995 full-length, "Little Brother", made it onto the second "East Coast Assault" compilation. Go figure. But whatever the case, this was some unique shit that never even came remotely close to receiving due attention. Sick drumming, wild fretless bass work, chunky guitar rhythms accented by tactfully executed noise textures, and totally unique vocals that hop all over the place from searing screams to rather twisted spoken passages. This is just an awesome, awesome record that offers up tons of diversity and individuality. It's a god damn shame the band disappeared sometime afterwards. All I know is that they were from New Jersey. Beyond that, I've got squat on these dudes. (aversionline)
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