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Tierra de Conejos (LP)

Tierra de Conejos (LP)
In my little (virtual, so don't ask for copy) book of record labels, Licht-ung is jotted down for 'mainly noise, and sometimes less noisy electronic music in small editions'. So you can perhaps understand a bit my mild confusion when I started to play the LP by Luzparis, a band (?) from Buenos Aires (?) [actually from Mar del Plata] who play post rock (??). A line up of five, playing guitars (three of them at times), violins, synthesizers, bass, piano and drums. Confusion indeed, but a pleasant one also. There was a time when I heard a lot of post rock, and then I grew tired of it, just as I was listening to lots of ambient house in 1995, and grew tired of it. But as these things happen, when you haven't played them in a long time, you actually start to enjoy it again, when you do hear it. Besides the fact that Luzparis uses a fuzzy pedal every now and then, I don't think they play much 'new' forms of post rock. This could be like Tortoise in their prime years, maybe Trans-Am, AMP or all those bands. If I wasn't tied up in listening to stuff to review for pretty much the rest of the day, I would go back some of that stuff right after this, but then perhaps its wise not to do so. It may change what I think about Luzparis, as it would probably be a bit different, and I am not sure if I would feel equally positive about it. Not to ruin that I think I stick on Luzparis again, tonight, when I'm done reviewing.
[Frans de Waard, vital weekly #774]

this is a fully instrumental effort that consolidates and enhances the post-rock trend by enriching its sonic framework (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=5865)




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