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Three Aspects Of The Name (Vinyl)

Three Aspects Of The Name (Vinyl)
Part of the Lanthanides series commemorating the 10 years of existence of Table Of The Elements. 14 single-sided limited edition LPs. Silkscreened other side.

"In "Three Aspects Of The Name" I return to my hard-core roots as a minimalist. The musical vocabulary is essentially the same as that of my earlier composition, "Guitar Trio" (1977), where most of the harmonic and melodic vocabulary occurs within the overtones generated by the fundamental pitches, which consist primarily of one chord of two pitches in a 9/3 ratio. The current piece marks my first use of this particular technique for voice. The three words of text come from a traditional Hebrew inspirational chant that I chose to work with, for, among other reasons, it is highly selective and potent use of the vowel sounds, which lend themselves to the unfolding creative story that the overtones tell over the course of the composition" - Rhys Chatham


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