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Ether Rider

Ether Rider
“Drone Records is proud to present HUM, another newcomer from the growing russian experimental scene, who had out before a few most promising self-released CDrs on his own label. HUM (originally a reduction from “hum-an”) sees his work as a representation of emptiness and sound, derived from tantric tradition. The basic intention is the “restoration of mythological time”. This release, being dedicated to “magic flight”, enlights on the first track with full vibrating “cosmic” drones, sounding like a swarm of low-pitched insects. The second piece CRUCIBLE is more loop-structured & noisy, with low-fi mechanized rumblings, filled with organic substances... two fantastic sound-samples that show the ability of drone-sound to lead your inner mind into the center of nothingness. Filed under: magic-flight drones. BLACK VINYL. MINIMAL DESIGNED WHITE COVERS WITH B/W PHOTO” [press release]

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