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2xCD in gatefold heavy cardboard digisleeve with inner sleeves

"Foundation" is an Eibon Records / Afe co-production that comes in the form of two full-lenght CDs packaged in a beautifully designed heavy cardboard sleeve.(label info)

I think I can see them now: people in the immediate future, reviewing this double set just after it's out and writing down dark ambient as if it was the most proper thing to do. I can see them now, settling for the easiest explanation, classifying and taxonomizing, the you-know-what of simple references and shiny truth-skipping. But you know what: the first disc preview went on and on, it was late at night, I was standing at the window, looking outside: tiny distant stars and the darkest still shape of the hill guarding the valley below: there was a huge, shiny grey cloud swallowing half of the landscape: it looked exactly as a spaceship made of fog. And it was so damn perfect, with Amon trademarks sounds and scapes eating the whole of my ears: and it struck me: I thought: how about spaceships made of sound? Damn, the man who played these tracks knew exactly what he was doing! The fact being: disc one will bring you way afar, lead you astray onto a cosmic derive: by the end of it, you'll find yourself two-points shot from Andromeda: and depending on your mood disc two could either push you further onto black hole regions or bring you unsafely back home should you really desire it. The box-shaped ticket you're about to buy will grant over two hours of deep space travel at a time: and you will use it as long as needed, back and back again. No money-back guarantee here: you won't be needing them among asteroid belts and comet tails. Space is just a press play away. Consider yourself warned. (Paolo Ippoliti)

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