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Lithium Project

Lithium Project
A great, but little known, release from the Lithium Project on the dearly departed Clear label (though this album be later be re-released on Hydrogen Dukebox with a slightly different track list). The static that heralds the opening track, “Passo Fundo (Re-Collective)” quickly gives way to a jazzed-out drum ‘n’ bass tune that’s immediately catchy and finger-snapping good. “Earthy Egos” and “Mars Plastic” are much more spacy, sounding as if they could be on Good Looking Records, while “Passo Fundo (Reconstructed by 3rd Eye)” is set to a nice house beat. “Moments in Neon” mixes the more outer space drum ‘n’ bass of the earlier tracks with flourishes of Latin jazz. The final take on “Passo Fundo” (the Mucho Gusto Samba) recasts the track as a downtempo, rhythm-based piece, stripping most of the percussion for a much more spare sound. A fine debut.
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