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As they fly into darkness, only black feathers remain to wipe aw

As they fly into darkness, only black feathers remain to wipe aw
“OPION SOMNIUM is a one-man project from Santa Fe, New Mexico, being fascinated with birds as “divine creatures” and focusing on themes of eternity and death. The breath-taking drones of OPION SOMNIUM spread a sad, melancholic atmosphere, which is at the same time full of beauty. The compositions are based on in real time played instruments, like viola, accordeon and piano, but also floating electronics are used. Both tracks on this EP sound ethereal and spacey, soft feedbacking & overtunic, and intensively emotional. Maybe this music exists in this small area beneath despair, where you can find beauty and grandeur. Filed under: deep melancholic beauty-drones. VIOLET / BLUE VINYL. HAND EMBOSSED COVERS WITH METALLIC LETTERS AND PAINTED STENCIL MOTIVES ON FRONT & BACK, EACH BACKSIDE ALSO HAS A SEGMENT OF A LARGER, HANDWRITTEN POEM. NUMBERED ED.” [press release]
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